Emi's Synth Shop


This was a game, I programed for my final project, with Snarkfowl doing the art.


It was a turn based JRPG with crafting elements. We were unable to finish the crafting during the 5 week period, but we were able to make a game with turn based combat, leveling, different enemies, and dioauge.


Moments By Moments


This was a Game Jam game, I programed for NSCC 2880 Game Jam, in which Snarkfowl and I won.




The theme was broken physics so we had portals, flipping gravity, and time moving only when you do.

Project Wrench


This is a game that I was working on for my Game Project class during my second year of college. It is a 3rd person action platformer in the vein of Ratchet & Clank and Jak and Daxter.


I made a development blog on tigsource that documented the development.

Spooky Sad Skeletons


This was the first real large project that I worked on. It was a 3D stealth game that a group of four of us worked on during the work term semester of my first year of College. It was a team effort and was incharge of doing all of the games programming. It was the first time I had created a 3D character controller and Was the first time that I had done any programming in C#

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